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Cleaning Compounds

Park City Company, LLC in Chattanooga, Tennessee, offers industrial strength compound cleaners and metal finishing products. We offer a wide range of products for your industrial cleaning needs.

Burnishing and Coloring Products

Our company is pleased to offer the best in burnishing products and coloring compounds for all of your needs. We take the time and care to create effective products for our valued customers.

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Who We Are

Park City Company, LLC in Chattanooga, Tennessee, manufactures soaps, cleaners, and compounds for metal finishing. These products are great for companies that specialize in metal stamping, die-casting, screw machine operations, and any company that makes metal parts.

Our line of cleaning products is designed to improve your processes and save you time and money. The pace of present day progress and the ever-increasing pressures for better work, finer finishes, higher production, and more appealing products are a constant challenge to your company. Turn to a company that understands this.

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