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Dependable Compound Cleaners and Metal Finishing Products

At Park City Company, LLC in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we have created a cleaning product with you in mind. Our industrial strength cleaning products are ideal for any company that works with metal.

Chemicals - Abrasive Compounds

Abrasive Compounds

Abrasive compounds cover a variety of abrasive materials in grit size-ranges to meet every processing need. From the most aggressive cut-down on hard ferrous alloys to the gentlest fine-finishing effects on softer alloys, and preparatory to high luster ball burnishing or plating.
Since abrasive compounds are used in proportion to the load mass, it is essential that water be used sparingly. Too much water will wash the abrasive particles from media and work pieces.
This leads to your company wasting money and results in greatly extended time cycles with less work accomplished. Abrasive compounds should not be used in short time cycles where abrasive media together with a suitable cleaning compound will do the work quicker.
This recommendation does not apply to centrifugal and gyratory equipment. Listed below are our abrasive compound products:

• No.90W pH 12.0 • No. 201 pH 11.0 • No. 202 pH 10.0 • No. 300 pH 8.5 • No. 360-1 pH 8.0

Cleaning Compounds

Cleaning Compounds are also available in powder and liquid form and offer the same advantages as detailed above. These compounds offer a wide range of applications when used with abrasive media for cutting or deburring purposes.

Alkaline cleaners are also used as neutralizing agents following acid descaling runs. All of the cleaners in this group create optimum conditions for abrasive media to perform their work. Below is a list of our cleaning compounds:

• No. 9 Cleaner pH 8.0 
• No. 10 Cleaner pH 12.5  
• No. 12 Cleaner pH 12.5  
• No. 18 Cleaner pH 12.5 
• No. 55R Compound pH 8.5  
• No. 101 Cleaner pH 10.5 
• No. 122 Cleaner pH 12.0 

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