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Comprehensive Compound Cleaners

Coloring Compounds - Metal Finishing

Burnishing and Coloring Compounds

Liquid compounds, especially when fed together with the water through a manifold, are instantly active. This results is more productive and explains the fast growing popularity of these compounds in batch type, automated batch type and fully automatic continuous inline equipment as well as in all flow-through operations.

The high lubricating and cushioning power of burnishing and coloring compounds completely coats abrasive media as to inhibit cut, thus changing the media in function to a non-abrasive burnishing shape. In high dilution, these compounds are sometimes used with abrasive media for cut-down and deburring purposes on the softer metals and alloys. Listed below are our burnishing and color products:

• Radiance No. 2 pH 8.5 
• Radiance No. 5 pH 8.5 
• Metal Magic 25 pH 8.5
• Metal Magic 30 pH 5.5 
• Metal Magic 32 pH 8.0
• Metal Magic 610-A pH 5.0
• Metal Magic 700 pH 5.0
• Metal Magic 712 pH 5.0
• Metal Magic 720 pH 5.0

Specialty and Decaling Compounds

Decaling compounds often scale and rust so that action with the media in the workload removes them. Descaler No. 8, is a liquid high quality acid descaling compound formulated to greatly reduce any possibility of hydrogen embrittlement and yielding good color.

It is imperative that acid descaling runs are followed immediately with a short cleaning run with such compounds as No. 10 or No. 12 cleaners or their liquid counterparts, No. 101 or No. 122 cleaners. We are pleased to offer Descaler 8pH 2.0 and No. 50 Rust Inhibitor pH 8.5

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