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About Us

Our Knowledgeable Staff

Order takers have, at best, a superficial understanding of the products they sell. They cannot be expected to know or explain why a compound, type of media or a process functions properly or why it malfunctions under given circumstances. They are of little help in trouble and are hardly qualified to make recommendations. That's why consumers benefit from dealing with our knowledgeable specialists.

It usually requires many years of intense activity together with rich and varied experience in problem solving throughout many branches of industry before a person can help and offer helpful advice. To do so a person must be thoroughly familiar with the many different types and editions of mechanical finishing equipment. If they have managed a job shop as well as a research laboratory for processing and if they have learned to translate his findings into reliable and smoothly functioning production set-ups, then they are able to help.

Great Service and Advice

Finishing engineers and operators, who have spent a good portion of their lives in this work, can ill afford to risk production time and effort with mere apprentices in the industry. To be truly competitive in both quality and price, manufacturers must review their facilities, equipment, and methods and materials from time to time.

We offer these services and advice. Our associates offer hands-on consulting. We come in and analyze your techniques and processes, and offer ways to improve them, all on a consultant fee basis. With these services, you must be willing to tell us actual present cost of operations, compound, and media formulations, as well as equipment you need to meet your specific needs.

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